Use the power of WordPress and WooCommerce to sell your products and services online. We create a WordPress+Woocommerce set up along with some essential plugins.

Sell anything with our eShop setup

Our eShop (WordPress + WooCommerce) setup makes it possible to sell anything online.

You can sell your physical products, digital products, or even subscriptions to your services on a monthly or yearly basis.

An online store runs your business 24×7, thus helping you to generate more sales round the clock.

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll arrange a FREE demo session to our e-commerce (online store) set up for you.

Why eShop?

eShop uses WordPress & WooCommerce

WordPress powers over 34% of websites on the internet, resulting in a great community of users and developers. You can leverage these benefits of WordPress in our eShop.

Easy to manage

WordPress means simplicity. You don’t need to learn rocket science to manage your online store. It is as simple as operating your mobile phone. You don’t need to complete any high-value training or recruit staff with a specialized skill set.

Easy to scale

Our eShop setup is easy to scale. It is possible to add more functionalities later as per your requirements to the eShop setup when your business starts to grow.

Ready to sell anything

This setup is capable of selling physical products, digital products (like videos, audios, photos, etc.) or subscriptions based on a monthly/yearly basis.

Website that works

We have designed the eShop to convert your visitors into customers or clients. Years of experience in this industry has helped us to design and develop a high-converting online store.

Search engine friendly

SEO is an essential part of your online existence. Our eShop setup is SEO-friendly. That means you can get organic traffic to your online store without spending money on advertising.

What do we offer?

Full customisation to suit your brand

We customize the eShop to suit your branding. The customization includes adding your logo and changing theme colors to match your brand styling.

Custom homepage

A highly-converting custom homepage design to suit your industry helps you grow your business without any limitations.

Custom content updation

Add customized content based on your business requirements. We can help you in adding your content with our content writing service.

Product and service data

We help you to kickstart your online business listing your products and services online.

One Promotional/Landing page

We offer a free promotional offer page or a landing page when you first purchase the eShop.

Payment gateway integration

We integrate a payment gateway of your choice to your online store for hassle-free and safe transactions.

Resgister for a FREE demo of eShop

You can learn more about our eShop set up by registering a FREE demo session. You don’t need to pay to view the demo. In this demo session, we will show all the functionalities and features of eShop.



Fully responsive

Fits any screen size to offer a smooth experience for your visitors.

Clean design

Very clean and elegant design.

Faster loading web pages

No one likes to wait until your website loads.
(*page loading time depends on the
that you have chosen)

Premium DIVI theme and plugins

You get a premium DIVI time with lifetime updates along with premium Bloom and Monarch plugins.

Product filters

Product filters to filter products by category, price range, rating, newness.

Product search

The product search feature helps visitor to find the product that they need.

Sell variable products

Sell products with different sizes and colours  (like shirts, shoes, etc.)


Sell virtual products

You can sell virtual (downloadable) products like online course videos, audios, files of a different kind, etc.

Product image gallery

Show more product photos with image gallery on the product details page

Product reviews

Build trust in your products by allowing product reviews to verified customers.

Use coupons for offers

Create and use coupon codes to promote your offers.


Allow customers to wishlist products

Mini cart in the navigation menu

The mini cart helps your customer to quickly check his shopping cart on any page of your site.


Clicking on ‘ADD TO CART’ button doesn’t take your customer to a different page. That means you can keep offering more products.

Easy to use admin panel

Simple and easy to use admin panel to manage your products, services, and sales.

Separate login for a shop manager

Separate login for the shop manager makes things more simplified.

Order status tracking

Both you and your customer can track order status.

Blog setup

You also get a blog set up to grab the attention of crowd and search engines.

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